AmandaB4-After.jpeg all I can say....this summer I have worked really hard on my weight loss goals to set me up for hitting a goal by the end of the year. Well, since June 4th I have lost 14 more pounds! I am just so excited about this new found success that recently has kicked my butt into gear. Thank you, as always to Carmen Alvis James for pushing me, challenging me, giving me some tough love when needed, being there as a friend and confidant, and encouraging me to dig deep into myself and change some mindset issues.


My goal on June 4th was to lose 10 pounds by the end of the summer.....well, crushed that already!

I have a little less than 20 lbs to go to meet my end of year goal and 4.5 months to do it in. I my heart I got this! In the past I have been like, well, I would like to lose 20 more pounds, but I will be happy with 10. NOT THIS TIME! This time I am doing this.....

Thanks to Carmen for introducing me to #mbf (Muscle Burns Fat) from Beach Body....Megan Davies is my new favorite person. Mixing her workouts with Carmen's is what has kicked me in gear these last two weeks. Also using the 2B Mindset from BB by Ilana Muhlstein is a fantastic nutrition program that has taught me to love my healthy food again, and how to plate foods so I am getting the right amounts of proteins, carbs, veggies, etc!!!! And not feeling hungry is the best part!

I mean, these exercise pants I have on in this pic used to be too small.....and now.....THEY FIT!!! And my shorts that I bought at the beginning of the summer, I can take off without unbuttoning and unzipping them!

And, every thing doesn't revved around the scale. Even though it is sure nice to see it go down....It is a win when I finish my 100 oz of water each day, get my 12,000 step goal, fit into smaller clothes, need to buy new smaller clothes than the smaller clothes I already bought, try and like new healthy options, etc. The wins are endless! My physical strength and endurance is better than ever and I feel so amazing....truly. Oh, and the best blood work I had done this week is so picture perfect it could be a model. Lol!! Seriously, cholesterol, thyroid, blood sugar, etc. All amazing!