Barb reached out to me in March of 2019, and here is her story, “I was taking 16 pills a day and a shot once a week. I lost 30 pounds on my own by changing my diet, but I realized this was not going to be enough. I had been following Carmen on social media, stalking her posts for close to two years. I was honestly too embarrassed at first, to reach out and ask for her help.”


“During our first phone call, she hit me with some hard truths. I had a lot of work to do and no one could do it for me she explained. She said I would be her biggest challenge to date and if I chose to move forward, I would need to accept that other relationships in my world would change too.”


In July of 2019 Barb and I started working together. To date, she had shed over 86 pounds!

“I am now taking only two vitamin supplements, 2 medications and NO weekly shot! When I meet with my endocrinologist in January if my numbers are still good, she is taking me off the last two medications and I will no longer have to see her! I can’t tell you how amazing this feels! From 16 pills to NONE! I am happier, healthier and stronger all because I said YES to making myself a priority! I said YES to Carmen and to her program! It was the BEST decision ever!”

By the way, Barb has more than one job. She owns and operates a daycare and is also a teacher for two college campuses.

“Some weeks the scale does not move. Some weeks it moves in the wrong direction but that’s okay because Carmen has given me the tools to get back on track,” she states.

Barb has not only invested in herself, but she has encouraged, motivated and inspired two of her siblings to join our fitness family and she has a virtual workout scheduled with me every Monday night for the employees of her daycare!

“I love our fitness family and what we have created online! It’s a huge plus to someone like me, not to have to drive to the gym or be committed to a set schedule. The virtual workouts have simplified my life,” says Barb. “The support, the education, all the meal plans, recipes, etc that are offered in our online private group are priceless! Carmen does a great job of keeping everyone engaged and on track! This is MORE than we ever had prior to COVID at the gym!”

“I have lost a lot more than 86 pounds,” she adds, “I have learned to love myself, to give myself grace and to value myself enough to commit, show up and do the work. It’s so liberating to see the scale move and to come off all those meds!”

2020 may not have been your year. But on the eve of 2021, you can wipe the slate clean and discover a “lifestyle” that WILL deliver results!