Did you even recognize her, the woman staring back at you in the mirror this morning?

If you’re shaking your head NO - I get it!

What the heck happened? How did we get here? Did we “let ourselves go?”

Working a full-time job, taking care of a family, being a wife and a mom. . .pulled in a million different directions! It’s no wonder you don’t recognize yourself! Time slips through our hands like crystals of sand and before we know it, we’ve packed on a few pounds. . .we have no energy. . .our clothes don’t fit. . .and we’re on the struggle bus just to get through the day!

Danyel Erdmann was just like you two years ago. Tipping the scale at 206 lbs she remarks, “ I can vividly remember how hard the workouts felt when I first signed up. That feeling of complete embarrassment that I had let myself go, I was so out of shape because I had prioritized everyone and everything else ahead of me!”

Little did Danyel know, life was going to throw her some curveballs to see just how bad she wanted this opportunity - would she cave or would she rise above it all to discover a NEW woman.

Her challenges came in the form of surgery, debilitating back pain, a job loss and eventually the demise of her marriage.

“I made up my mind then and there, that I wasn’t going to allow my circumstances to make me quit. I refused to give up on myself. Instead, I dug deeper and committed even more to Carmen and her program,” she recalls.

“Here I am two years later, healthy, happy and stronger than ever! I have learned to believe in myself again, to push past my self limiting beliefs and embrace life outside my comfort zone! I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with seeing what I can truly do! I am forever indebted to Carmen for my life transformation!”

Danyel has shed over 45 lbs. She is part of our online tribe - where amazing people, accomplish amazing things!