Congratulations!!! I am SO excited that you are ready to transform your life by joining me and the other FitSouls tribe members!  IF you are one of the first three women to complete this form, you will receive a FitSouls Starter Kit for FREE!  This kit includes a ropeless jump rope, loop resistance bands, a core ball, and a fitness step that I will ship directly to your home so that you can come out of the gate strong! UPDATE: 8/26/22 - 9:27 A.M. - we have our first 3 FAST MOVERS!!  CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS, BETH, & KIM!

Once you complete the check-out, we can jump on a call either by Zoom or over the phone to discuss your membership in greater detail.

I am SO PROUD OF YOU for DARING TO BE THE ONE...the one who dared to prioritize self-care, and acted on it!  Let's do this!

FitSouls Fast Mover Membership Form

In order to qualify for the FREE FitSouls Starter Kit, you will be required to complete a membership contract with a commitment to remain in the program for at least 90-days for $299/month.  Only the first three registrants will be eligible for the free starter kit. 

Thank you for daring to take the next step in your

health & wellness journey!