“I started with Carmen last November. Prior to that, I had lost some weight on my own but I hit a wall and nothing was happening,” she shares. “I was definitely lacking motivation!”

“I think I might be the oldest member of her tribe, but nonetheless, I am finding with her guidance, help and support, this road is much easier to travel than going it alone! Carmen is second to none in all that she offers her clients. She is not just a personal trainer, but so much more than that! What I love and respect most about her is her ability to be a straight shooter. She tells you like it is and knows exactly how to strike the right balance between tough love and enabling someone. Carmen cares about her clients on a very deep and personal level. She is a woman of God and it shows!”

Jill adds,“Just last week I had a non-scale victory. I went shopping and purchased two pairs of jeans down a complete size! I have shed 30 lbs since February and have learned the importance of making time for and taking care of me. I am wired to do everything for everyone else but sadly, we can only pour from an empty cup for so long."

Jill works out with her fellow Zoom-mates four mornings a week and does a weekly 30-minute accountability where we dive in deep to tackle her obstacles, celebrate her wins and hit some education that she can use as we push toward new goals and challenges in an effort to keep her on track and building a “lifestyle” that will enable her to show up as the BEST version of herself for those she loves.

“COVID-19 was no match for Carmen and her crew! We have witnessed AMAZING transformations without setting foot back in the gym. Her business model has expanded and we the clients, are the ones benefitting! I love my virtual fitness family. . .but more importantly, I love that this program, her program, WORKS,” notes Jill. “It doesn’t matter your age, your weight or whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced. Carmen knows how to get the job done.”