Earlier this week Jordan Newman posted this pic of her fitness tracker in my private client tribe along with these words,

I know this says indoor walk but I RAN a full mile without stopping... this is huge for me. A year ago Carmen would have me doing workouts where I had to jog on the treadmill for 1 or 2 minutes and I would be dying and could barely do it. Just a friendly reminder that literally ANYTHING is possible because a year ago I would have laughed at you if you told me it was possible for me to do this!

Jordan is hands down one of the BIGGEST Success Stories of “2 Fit 2 Quit.” When she hired me over two years ago, she would book three appointments at the gym and usually cancel at least one every single week.

Social media posts told the story of someone struggling to balance what she “thought she wanted” with her day to day reality of NOT making the best food choices and enjoying weekends out with friends.

At the end of year one, Jordan and I had a “coming home to Jesus meeting” because 12 months of “being at the gym” had produced little in the way of concrete results.


As we rolled into 2020, Jordan regrouped and committed to her personal health and fitness goals. Now 12 months later, she has SHED over 75 lbs since our journey began - and the vast majority of her work happened during COVID when the gyms were closed!

Jordan IS proof that with the right tools and the right coach, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! (And COVID is just another excuse IF you allow it!)

Virtual workouts vs the traditional brick and mortar gym membership, has PROVEN to be the #1 catalyst for CHANGE among the women in my tribe. Instead of 30 minute sessions at the gym - we often workout for 45 minutes, sometimes even an hour, because we have the freedom - there is no set schedule to adhere to. Many of the ladies use the replay link because they are at work or home-schooling when I go LIVE.

Another BIG plus are the weekly accountability calls via zoom to keep clients on track and building their healthier lifestyle. (Accountability and Motivation are often what people say they lack when they onboard to the program.)

And last but surely not least is the private FB group where we’ve worked to build an online community of friends who are supporting each other in this journey - and I provide additional layers of education, as well as weekly meal plans, recipes, grocery lists and more!

Jordan is living her BEST life, right here, right now! Digging in and going for her goals has not been easy but surely worth it! She has more energy, a better mindset, she is happier, healthier, able to do things she never dreamed possible! And wearing clothes with labels and sizes that have eluded her for years!

What could this next year unfold for you? More excuses or more answers as you uncover what’s hiding beneath all that stands in your way today? Let Jordan’s story encourage YOU to take the first step to what IS possible and all you deserve!