MANDY (A.K.A. "Mandisa")

Standing in your closet, you struggle to find anything you want to wear today. What happened to all these cute clothes that used to fit? How did they shrink? Did someone else do your laundry by mistake?

Shaking your head, you grab a pair of comfy sweats from off the floor and put them on. The elastic waist makes it easy to deny what your body is telling you. Besides, your husband says he loves you just the way you are! (Then again, hasn’t he packed on a few pounds too?)

Heading into the kitchen you see the containers FULL of Christmas cookies. . .you pour yourself a cup of hot coffee and think, “What’s one more?” And then, you grab three for breakfast!

Meet Mandy. The first two pics below are from 2018 when she recalls, “I spent everyday telling myself that I wasn’t that overweight. It’s only 216 lbs! I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and started taking medicine. I was wearing a size 16 in jeans!”

Mandy recounts the confidence she lost. She admits she was stressed to the max and compensating by overindulging in food and beverages.

“I knew I had to do something different,” she notes. “I hired Carmen in August 2018. I would cry all the way home from the gym. How could I possibly do this? My husband loved my big butt and thighs!”

Fast forward to 2021 ... No more blood pressure meds!

“I’m so much stronger, not only physically, but mentally as well. I am confident! I am the mother I wished I could be only a few short years ago! I am down from a size 16 to a 10! 2020 brought it’s share of challenges for me and my family but it also enabled me the gift of rediscovering myself again! I love my online fitness family! It’s amazing what we have accomplished together - so many success stories, including mine!”