​There's no shortage of personal trainers and gym owners who tout the "Mind, Body, Soul" mantra - but very few of them have the education or proven strategies to help their clients achieve LASTING success.  I am a strong believer in continuous education, and over the 35 years that I've been in the industry, I have continued to invest in my education to ensure I am delivering the BEST solutions for my clients.  ​I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach – I understand that each and every client is unique, with unique needs.  Before you ever pay me a dime, we will do a discovery call to discuss what makes YOU unique so that I can determine the BEST program elements for your individual needs. I provide more tools, community support, education, and varied workouts than most trainers you will find which is why my program delivers LASTING results.  Read on to learn more!




Virtual workouts are provided via ZOOM and can be joined LIVE online or replayed when it fits into YOUR schedule – offering you maximum flexibility as to when you workout!   My clients absolutely LOVE it - here is what one member had to say:


"I am so happy Carmen started Zoom workouts.  I plan out my week and when I am busy during the LIVE zoom I don't have to stress because it is waiting there for me to hit replay when it fits into my schedule.  I really think I would struggle going back to the gym.  Although I have met a lot of great people at the gym, I feel the support in this group is phenomenal." - Karen Cooperrider, Client Since 2016


Often touted by clients as “the game changer” – a 1:1 ZOOM call with me to discuss how you are tracking to your goals, develop strategies for success, and receive the tough love and support necessary for success.


Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by all of the different advice out there when it comes to nutrition?  Fat is bad! No, fat is good! Count calories! No, count macros! Carbs are bad! No wait, carbs are good!  It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.  I work with my clients to develop healthy ways of eating that will WORK for their lifestyle and preferences – becoming a nutritionist, counselor, consultant, mentor and motivator all in one.   I offer meal plans with recipes and grocery lists to make the process easy to follow and optimize your success.  One client recently commented, "I LOVE learning how to modify how I eat so that I can still enjoy the things I love in a healthier way ... I don't feel deprived or like I'm giving anything up that I love!"



When we are on a journey to improve our overall wellbeing it can be tough - especially if those who are closest to you are not on the same journey.   They may not like the idea of you working out, or feeling like they have to eat healthier just because you are.  Not having their support is a recipe for disaster!   That is why a major part of my program is my "FitSouls" private Facebook community.   Not only will you be surrounded by like-minded women who are working on the healthiest and happiest version of themselves, but you will also reap the benefits of free meal plans, recipes, challenges, opportunities to participate in book clubs with an emphasis on personal development, and even Bible study groups for the individual who wants to strengthen her relationship with God.   As an added bonus, many of my tribe members volunteer to share their gifts and talents with their fit family by hosting FREE virtual cooking classes, crafting classes, InstaPot 101 classes, and more! We are a community with a purpose to support one another, provide added accountability, cheer each other on, and pick each other up on our tougher days!  



For those who are interested in developing a deeper relationship with God, I offer a Bible Study group as well as daily exercises to strengthen the spiritual muscle. 


In 2017 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  It seems like only yesterday that we shaved my head and I donned a wig for the first time. Looking back, as sick as the chemo made me, it is a miracle and by the grace of God that I was able to work and keep my personal training business going! (I had some pretty amazing clients in my corner, too!) 

Sitting in that oncologist’s office in 2017, I cried a river. Scared out of my mind! I won’t say that I don’t still get a little unnerved when I return to The James but I now know that Cancer was the greatest gift I will likely ever be given. It dropped me to my knees and beckoned me to realign some of my priorities and to make my relationship with God #1.  I love sharing the Word of the Lord with the amazing women in my tribe!

Watch the short video below to hear my client, Jill Santos, explain why this pillar of the program is SO important to overall success!





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